What would someone want to use a Perpetual Vault?

Finally, Perpetual Vaults that produce never-ending DeFi returns!

Never-Ending Cashflo

A stream of money coming to you is never a bad idea! Whether you want to replace your personal income or build an unstoppable stream of revenue for your next DeFi project.

Piggy Banks

Saving for your kids’ college education,or for retirement? Perpetual Vaults are the perfect mechanism to save now and take advantage of compounding interest without inflation.

Dollar-Cost Averaging

We all know that assets like real estate, crypto assets, and stocks go up over very long time frames, and the best time to be buying your favourite assets is “always”. Well this automates that! Perpetual Products

Instead of buying a new phone every few years, what if you could pay one time only, and use the interest earned to get a new phone every three years? It’s money Lego that stacks itself. Plus many more reasons!!!

You could do so many things with this...

Here’s an example one of our community told us they intend to do with their Perpetual Vaults:

Buy a $600k House with a 10% deposit Pay total of $855k over 25 years*...

*Based on borrowing $540,000 over 25 years at 3.5% interest.

Or you can also...

Use a Perpetual Vault with $180k earning 18.1% APY** to pay your $32.5k/yr annual repayments. Own the house outright for no out of pocket cost apart from your deposit

**APYs are variable, SyncDAO Governance Token Holders are the voting strategist responsible for perpetual vaults and ensuring the APYs are what users want.

In case APYs become unsustainable 🤔

SyncDAO Governance Token Holders are strategists 🧐 and can vote in new strategies to maximise 🤑 sustainable returns

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