What problem is SyncDAO attempting to solve?

The problem: Users are more loyal to yields or returns over individual products.

The solution: To solve this, we created Perpetual Vaults

Users cannot withdraw funds once deposited into a Perpetual Vault, however they will receive the returns generated by the vault in perpetuity. (Perpetual Vaults put a user's capital to work perpetually). If a user did want to liquidate their original deposit they cannot withdraw it, however they can sell or transfer their Perpetual Vault Token (PVT) that was minted and sent to their wallet at the time of their initial deposit.

This unique market will drive a secondary demand for Perpetual Vault users.

Perpetual Vaults ensure that users receive the best ongoing returns, as the strategists overseeing the Perpetual Vault is focused on the best returns. Strategists for the vaults are SyncDAO Governance token holders, meaning that DAO can vote in new strategies for generating returns.

A proposal for a new strategy is put forward and users vote for or against it.

If 51% or more of votes are in favor of the new proposal, the change in strategy will come into effect.

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