There are six groups of people that have a say in voting on SyncDAO proposals:

  • Purchasers of tokens

  • Developers

  • Users

  • Affiliates

  • Founding Team

  • Delegates

All SyncDAO Governance Token Holders are Governors over the future of SyncDAO, its products and direction as a project.

Governors can vote on various topics but we expect them to be primarily voting on the following:

  1. Product Usage Incentives

    To attract new users, voters could vote into existence incentives for people who are using the various parts of the SyncDAO ecosystem, its products and maybe even its partner's products.

  2. Affiliate Incentives

    To attract new affiliates, voters could vote into existence incentives for people who can attract waves of new users to the SyncDAO ecosystem.

  3. Perpetual Vault Strategies To ensure the yields on the perpetual vaults remain high and healthy, Governors can vote in new strategies for how the yields are earned. Meaning reallocating capital in the perpetual vault to achieve the best outcomes for user's deposits.

  4. Developer Proposals To incentivise future products beyond perpetual vaults being built, there is the ability for developers to propose new products and be funded by SyncDAO to build them.

  5. Other Proposals As well as the aforementioned proposal styles, the Governors of SyncDAO can put forward other general and wide-ranging proposals. This allows for the project to fully take flight in its own destined direction based on its participating Governors vision.

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