Proof of Concept (

SyncDAO produced a proof of concept product that is live called It was never intended for large scale use, we may or may not improve the product in the future.

What it does prove out though is that we can have an affiliate layer which is intended to drive adoption for SyncDAO’s products, this affiliate layer is completely non-custodial.

For certainty we had this affiliate layer and the SyncDAO smart contract audited by Quantstamp. 🕵️

To prove out this thesis, we took a baby step towards testing it by gathering together 37 budding affiliates / crypto educators and spent three days with them workshopping how they might use SyncDAO products to generate an income for life, not to dissimilar to how old world advisors build a trail of revenue.

We discovered that most affiliates could build a decent 6–7 figure income on the front end by providing education for a fee and build an incredible trail income that goes exponential over time.

Affiliates have one key advantage, they can educate people on these technologies and share their affiliate link with people in a safe way, within the confines of existing laws. They cannot give advice of course, but they definitely can educate people in how to use these emerging technologies and disclose their affiliations as they go along.

This is the key part to the growth strategy for SyncFarms and any other products that SyncDAO decides to launch.

Getting Started

The world of crypto currencies and DeFi (Decentralized Finance) is still completely foreign to most people. GrowUSD aims to change that by providing an easy first step into this new world. 👇

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