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DeFi allows everyday people to do fancy financial functions that were previously reserved only for the financial elite.

This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Lending

  • Borrowing

  • Liquidity providing

  • Market making

If Wall Street could do it, it can likely now be done with DeFi.

Given DeFi's rapid and ever evolving diversity in its functionality, users need people who are incentivised (Affiliates) to help simplify the process and educate them on the steps required to access these previously un-reachable financial mechanisms.

SyncDAO wanted to ensure that this could be done safely for both parties, so we built audited smart contracts that prove we can bring safely reward an affiliate without inhibiting the user experience. In fact it will only improve it as they will have someone to personally handle their enquiries.

Affiliates help and get rewarded with an ongoing income stream from DeFi revenues which is generated by the user's funds, giving the affiliate the ultimate incentive to help new users get on-boarded into DeFi.

The design of SyncDAO is to bridge the users, affiliates and developers needs so we can bring about faster, fairer and flowing returns for everyday people.

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