SyncDAO Simplified
To describe a DAO is to not describe it.

3 ways to play with Perpetual Vaults

As a User, you can just use the vaults to generate powerful returns in a safe and secure way, all from inside your favourite DeFi wallet. Share
As an Affiliate, you can show your friends or networks how the Perpetual Vaults work, and if they deposit using your link you will earn a commission forever. Vote
As a Governor, you can vote for the best DeFi strategies to use in the staking zone! Perpetual Vault returns are maximised and voted into existence by SyncDAO Governance (SDG) token holders.
SyncDAO is a Decentralized Autonomous Organisation that rewards Affiliates for onboarding people into DeFi and rewards Developers who build great products.
A DAO is a democratic voting system based on votes made by holders of SyncDAO Governance Token Holders (SDG). So rather than a commanding CEO, it is driven by its participants who are known as Governors. Tokens for SyncDAO are distributed fairly not just to people who purchase them, there are other groups whose voice it is important to hear their voice also.
Find out more about the SDG token
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